Hello, I am new to this site and am looking forward to learning from some experts! I purchased my house almost 3 years ago and after having a baby I am now ready to tackle my pre-existing flower beds. The previous owner had planted beds with mostly hosta and I am looking to add some color. Also, there is black weed guard ripped up and coming through the rocks. So my project for the spring is to remove all of the cover rocks and dig up any existing plants that I don't want. My question is, should I replace the black weed guard? Is there a better option for preventing weeds? Also, I would rather not put the rocks back as a cover, but to use mulch instead. Can anyone recommend a mulch that holds its color the best?
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Hi there! Good for you!-(regarding digging into your flower beds). Regarding the weed guard...I'm "personally" not a fan. I find it hard to work around...mostly because I'm constantly tweaking. So, I pulled all mine out a couple years ago.

As far as mulch goes, I lean toward a more natural look. The best product I've used is cedar mulch. While the color will fade a bit, cedar is rot resistant and seems to last the longest out of any of the mulches I've tried.

I can get a good 2 years out of my cedar mulch without having to add any; but when using regular bark mulch, I have to add more after 1 year.

And you'll want to put down a nice thick layer, especially your first year. I've never had a weed problem in any of my beds using mulch.

Hope this helps!
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Try this easy fix. Cover the bed with about a 5 sheet thick layer of newspaper then add 4 inches of mulch ( I prefer shredded pine bark) over it. This will smother any weeds. I would strongly advise against the weed guard. The weeds will still grow and it makes it very difficult to make changes. If you are going to dig up your hostas, divide them into several plants and replant them in groupings of 3 or 5.

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Thank You so much for the replies. I am glad to hear that I don't have to use the weed guard. May I ask why you prefer shredded pine bark?
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