i have a bug on my tall phlox and have had for years. the bug is orange with a black strip down the middle. he/she does not live in the dirt and he/she does not fly, that i've seen. he/she seems to suck the green out of the leaves because they become mottled and disfigured. this bug does not kill the plant. it must lay eggs repeatedly in the flower buds. i have tried a granular insecticide, sevin dust and eight with no lasting luck. there are other perennials in the same bed but they are unaffected. i have tall phlox in other parts of my yard with no bugs. hot weather like we are having now or cooler weather doesn't seem to make a difference. these bugs come back every year. help.

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Here discussed the agriculture pests and insecticides. During the time of the farming many pesticides are used for removing the weeds and insects. The heavy usage of these pesticides list of builders and developers in kerala is very harmful to the human body itself. There is other some beds are also unaffected to the bugs.

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