I read *somewhere* about putting a few drops of orange extract into hummingbird feeder solution. Has anyone ever tried this? Did they seem to like it? What is the exact ratio?

  Hummingbird Nectar and Orange Extract? KT0491 I read *somewhere* a...
After scanning the internet, I found a suggestion of about one drop of extract per cup of sugar solution. However, I've used hummingbird feeders for years giving them just a plain sugar water solution with no additives, and they've always seemed to like that just fine. Flavored extracts are expensive, nutritionally void, and they're also mostly made up of alcohol, something I don't think the birds really need. My recommendation is to just try using a solution of four parts boiling water to one part sugar with nothing else in the mixture. If that seems to work well enough for you, then you shouldn't need to worry about adding anything else. Enjoy your bird watching. Hummingbirds are truly remarkable creatures!
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  Hummingbird Nectar and Orange Extract? KT0491 I read *somewhere* a...
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Hummingbird Nectar and Orange Extract?

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