Sunflowers-what happened?
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I planted sunflower seeds and out of 25 or so plants I only had maybe 10 bloom with beautiful heads. The others just grew stunted and produced a mass of black seeds with no petals around the seed mass. This occurred interspersed with the "normal" looking sunflowers. Any idea what happened? The seeds were fresh, the soil was ammended and every other plant is growing well in my garden except these easy to grow sunflowers. I've never seen anything like it. The stalks are stunted to about 2' tall-the normal looking plants are about 5-6' tall- with just this globular mass of seeds-it's not even the flat looking seed center that accompanies the usual sunflower.
They say the gods only give you what they feel you can handle...ummm, can we talk about this? Someone is grossly overestimating my coping abilities!

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