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Anyone help me with the problem of the leaves of my spider plants turning brown? I have tried more water less water . I am about to "root" the babies and try again . Would like to know what I am doing wrong .. Thanks...
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I know this is an old post, and I wish I had know about this site sooner but I will try to help anyway in the off chance that you check in. After planting in a decent potting soil, water regularly, but most important, I found that my spider plants thrive in filtered (not direct) light in a nice 65-ish degree room. If you can find a spot to put your plant that is similar to these conditions, you will have significantly less or even no browning. Give it a try.
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This link gives info on what kind of water you need to water your spider plants with so they will not turn brown at the tips http://stoneflake.net/gardening/spiderplant.html
My gardening search page http://stoneflake.net/gardening/

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