Mexican Heather
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I live in zone 6a (Owasso, OK) and in the Spring of each year, I plant mexican heather into several pots that are located in my back patio area. In years past, I usually pull out and discard these plants after the 1st hard freeze (late November avg.) and start over the next Spring.

This year, I thought about leaving the plants(perennials) in their pots and hope that they will survive until next year.

Is this possible? If so, what kind of care do these plants need to ensure a Spring return? (water,Osmocote,??)


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I live in Zone 8 in Texas and I have Mexican Heather that I have had now for 5 years. I have these planted in the ground and each winter they die back. I continue to water in the winter if needed. In spring when I see green and new growth I prune back all the dead and it takes off. Hope this helps you.

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