Moving plants in the winter
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I am preparing to move this winter & have dug up a lot of my outdoor plants & placed them in pots so I can move them. At this time they are inside the house, but my husband suspects they should be outside so they go dormant in the winter weather.
Does anyone know what would be best for them?
Will they be harmed by staying indoors and not go through a normal winter cycle?
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Those plants should be in a cool storage place so they go and stay dormant, but not someplace where the temperatures will drop below freezing long enough to freeze the plants roots. If you have an unheated section of the basement, where the mean temperature would be below 50 but above 40, that would be ideal.
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Hello. I'm new here, so If I do this wrong, please forgive me.
I find moving my plants indoors is a hit or miss situation. I have a front entrance room with a fish pond in it. The door is closed in the winter and the room gets pretty cool and moist, but still gets some afternoon sun. I group my plants close together and water them about every 3 to 4 weeks. I would say about 85% make it through the winter. Good luck.

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