Spring Fever!
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Hi everyone! I am new t the sight but not to gardening. I can't wait to see my roses bloom or even get fresh veggies out of my garden! I am always ready to learn new tips so I hope you have lots to share! [color:purple] [/color]
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You sound like me! I also can't wait for fresh picked vegetables. Especially tomatoes. It kills me to buy tomatoes and green peppers from the store. They are so expensive and they have hardly no flavor to them at all.
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hi everyone- i'm new too- and will hope to quench my spring fever a little by starting seeds today- yippee- we own a nursery and am so anxious to get started-todays the day !!! get to get my hands in the dirt!!!aahhhhh!!(but doesnt take long to start whining cuz i get overwhelmed!!!lol) got a note from a friend on georgia - she is getting peppers 6 for a dollar!!!
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I know what ya all mean!! I am sooooo ready for summer to be here and start canning and seeing everything green and growing!!! I have a greenhouse and I am already playing in the dirt and lovin it!!!!
Happy Gardening!!!

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