Teacup vine
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I bought a teacup vine from a seller who knew very little about it and so was glad to see it in your recent issue. I was amazed at how long the tendrills get-20-40Ft long! I imediately erected a trellis behind it. When it reaches the top (8 ft)it will have no where to go. If I clip the tips will it thicken at the bottom and produce more blooms? Is it an annual or will it return next spring? We are in northwest Montana and the winters are long. How can I protect it in the fall?
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Hi Erna,
I'm glad to hear that you found the magazine helpful. Cobaea scandens is a tender perennial that can get very large but only in areas where winters don't get cold.I think that in your Montana garden an 8 foot trellis is fine - if it gets a little too tall you can always loop the ends back through the trellis. As for coming back next year - I don't think it would make it unless you brought it indoors.

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