Milkweed bugs
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Frustrated in SW Florida. Every year it seems to get worse. Milkweed bugs (orange and black slender bodied pests) take over my milkweed before any monarchs have a chance to lay eggs. I've tried a soap and water mixture and hand picking, but they multiply rapidly and it's hard to keep up. They completely suck the life out of the plant and all that's left are the stems. Anyone else have this problem and is there a solution?
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Because these buggers can tolerate the toxins in the milkweed sap there is very little that can be done to control them, and also because there is very little that can be done to control them they are being sold as a control for milkweed itself, probably a really bad idea since they have been noticed eating daylillies too.
The best control measure I have seen for these buggers is to tap them into a sealable jar and tightly close it when done.
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Thanks. I honestly didn't think of that. I had tried breaking off a section of the milkweed and smooshing them, but for one, I was still losing milkweed that way and two, it was a little messy.
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I have the same problem , wondered if they hurt the Monarch eggs?

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