Moving Russian Sage
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Can established but not thriving perovskias/Russian Sage be moved? If so, when in the season?
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According to the Garden Gate article it is difficult to divide Russian Sage because it has a taproot. I would think that if you dig deep and wide you should be successful at transplanting it. Now would be a good time since you should have plenty of time to get it established before frost (and besides - if it's not thriving what do you have to lose?) Remember they like to have very little attention. Are you sure you aren't watering it too much?
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Yes. I have numerous times moved some Russian Sage, never the original, however. Russian Sage desires a dryer than normal soil that is somewhat leaner and meaner than the average garden soil should be in full sun. You can move them anytime the soil is not frozen which is only slightly related to frosts. The plant will need about 6 to 8 weeks before the soil freezes (A long time after frosts appear) for the roots to get established.
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Two summers ago, a neighbor gave me just one stem of a R.S. with just a few little roots attached. I planted it, it lived (!) and this summer was a beautiful big bush. So a week ago, I dug up four stems to transplant to another part of the yard, and I am hopeful it will do as well there.
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