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Plant exchanges
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I'm new to the Garden Gate forums. I've loved the magazine for years. (I confess that I borrowed my Dad's issues for years until recently. It is so much better to have my own-I don't have to give them back!)
Does anyone know of any plant exchanges? Does anyone here do them?
  Re: Plant exchanges by dirthappy (Hi![br]I'm new to th...)
Explain plant exchanging. How would you ship a live plant so that it gets to its destination live to the recipientand with all the rootball intact?
  Re: Re: Plant exchanges by Pippi (Explain plant exchan...)
I believe what you may have been asking is if there is anyone located close to you that may be willing to do a plant exchange ??? Where are you located?
  Re: Re: Plant exchanges by Junebuggy (I believe what you m...)
Hi,Pippi, To put plants though the post is quite simple. Of course a lot depends on the Type and size of plant. We buy a lot of plants through the Post and we have not lost any yet. You do dot have to send great lumps of root just a side cutting or two in damp sawdust in a plastic bag of suitable size in a box or Jeffy bag. An egg box comes in very useful for seedling packed with care with a separator in the middle with holes to let the seedlings come through. To post anything with a Trunk needs a cane and a little more thought. Hope that is useful Happy Gardening, Stewart Greenwood France
  Re: Plant exchanges by dirthappy (Hi![br]I'm new to th...)
We have a plant exchange in my neighborhood. We invite neigbors and friends to meet in the park and bring plants to share. Depending on the turn out, we have a first through a third round of exchanges. We have door prizes and lots of gardening discussion. People are encouraged to bring friends. They may also bring garden ornaments or tools to exchange in lieu of plants.
It is always a fun time and new friends are abundant!
Hope this is helpful...
  Re: Re: Plant exchanges by SFParteez (We have a plant exch...)
I would love a plant exchange.or seeds would be fine too . I am zone 7, in eastern Washington
  Re: Plant exchanges by dirthappy (Hi![br]I'm new to th...)
Check with your local garden club or Master Gardener's association. They may arrange for local plant swaps or sales in the spring &/or fall.
The great thing about gardening is that you always get a chance to start over!
  Re: Plant exchanges by dirthappy (Hi![br]I'm new to th...)
The option of plant exchange is to come together with the Gardners of various places. The option is helping to exchanges the various type of view it now seeds to each other and make the garden best and wonderful. It is a great option and I am encouraging that.

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