Can Asiatic Lilies be divided in the spring?
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I meant to divide mine last fall and didn't manage to! Sad
Can I divide them in the spring and have them bloom?
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I'm not a lily expert, but I think the main challenge of trying to divide them in the spring is that you could damage the stalks that have started growing, but haven't made it aboveground yet. You'd have to do the digging with your hands and maybe a hand cultivator or transplanting trowel. You'd need to disturb the roots as little as possible, divide your bulb, then get everything replanted, being extremely careful about refirming the soil around the new stalk without breaking it. I think the plants will bloom, but they might be delayed a tiny bit from what you're accustomed to.

I think I'd just leave it for next fall.
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Meredith hinted around, but it depends on when. It will need to be early enough so growth has not yet started and you need to take a good clump of soil with the bulb so as not to disturb the roots that have grown out, but it can be done. After the plant has flowered and the stalk has died is a more better time.
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