Weak Amaryllis Leaves
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This is my first post and I'm not sure how to use this forum so hopefully this will post correctly. I have been growing 3 Amaryllis bulbs for 3 years and have had wonderful luck with them. So I went out and bought several more of them at Christmas time. However they can't seem to hold up their own leaves. Even one that I've been growing for 3 years is weak and looking poorly. I have the other two that are stored in the basement that I'd like to bring up to bloom for Easter but am leary. Does anyone know why this would happen? I bought professional soiless medium for planting the new bulbs and the old bulb is in the soil from the year before.
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I'm fairly new to gardening, but since no one else has replied yet, I'll offer my idea. Maybe it needs more light? The one I'm growing now has one large leaf that flopped over, but after several days with the blinds open, it is much more upright.
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I have some ten amaryllis bulbs that I've owned for some twenty + years. I've never had tremendous luck with them until this year. Their leaves would droop and I would be lucky to get a couple of blooms every winter.

This last summer on the advice of a friend, I planted the bulbs in a dappled sun spot of my garden and water & fertilized them regulary. I brought them in in October as usual, and this year I have broad, strong leaves and blossoms to beat the band! One has sent up two buds. I am quite pleased.

If you have a place to plant them where the don't get too much direct sun, you may want to try it this summer with just one or two.

Good Luck!

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