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A previous neighbor has lined their back yard with Rose of
Sharon/Hibiscus bushes. They planted them about 20 years ago, and now they are about 8 feet tall and never been cut or shaped. The problem is the starters are taking over our yard. They are all over and no matter what I try I can't get rid of them. Without killing all my grass is there any
way I can reduce the starters. My current neighbor loves them. They tend to shade that part of my lot, so perhaps some bushes or plants to crowd them out could work? Just so the starters don't grow through them. They start as small leaves with a long root attached. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Bill have you tried preen? I usually use it in the flower garden and work it into the soil but it might work by sprinkling it into the area of your lawn that is being affected. Preen is a granular chemical that kills seeds only so it won't hurt your lawn...or at least it shouldn't. It may be worth a try. Otherwise the only way to get rid of the seedlings it to get rid of the seeds which means pruning all the dead flower heads off before they turn to seed. This is probably not possible if the bushes are your neighbors.
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I am waiting with baited breath for ways to deal with Hibiscus.....which I identify as "The Beauty and the Beast". I suspect I may not like the answer when it appears. Hibiscus and I have a love hate relationship.
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