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I have a climbing hydrangea which I'm told is being eaten by a black vine weevil. This is the 2nd season that it has been attacked. Can anyone share treatment suggestions?
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I would suggest you do a search on "GOOGLE" for Black Vine Weevil. You should find some good information from the state universities. Good luck.
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First, be sure you have what you think you have, proper identification is necessary for proper control, if that is needed.
Second, determine if control is really necesary. All plants can stand some leaf damage, and often the best solution is to do nothing.
Third, if the damage to the plant is extensive enough to warrant some control find the least toxic means of control to start with, not the most toxic. Many times simply squishing the target insect is all the is needed.
Forth, apply that control measure using due care so any potential beneficial insects that could help with control are not harmed by what you do.
Fifth, evaluate what you did, did that do what was expected.
The literature about Vine Weevils says that most of the organophsphate poisons (carbaryl, malathion types) are not effective.
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