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I planted impatients in my window boxes on the north side of the house, they were just beautiful, now I have smaller flowers and have noticed that they look beat up, wondering if the high winds we had for a few days had something to do with the issue. I use new soil medium every season, I am in Zone 5 and in southeastern Wis. Also I have fertilized them with miracle grow just the other day. I also have a lot of buds on them too.
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Are your plants doing better now? Wind can dessicate the plants, especially in shallow planters or if they're planted with no mulch to protect them. High wind can also break branches and blow off weakly attached leaves and flowers. The abnormally high temperatures we were also having in mid-June probably didn't help much either. Impatiens like evenly moist soil, so mulch them and keep them well watered, and that should help to keep them looking good through most of the summer.
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Yes! they are doing much much better. It took about 2 weeks for them to come back. I appreciate the help!!! Thanks so much

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