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I have a garden with four raised beds. One of the four is infested with nematodes. So far the other three are OK. Are they harmful? Can I do anything to get rid of them. The soil is a wriggling mass of them. I don't want to use pesticides because I am on a lake. You can see the floating garden at to see what I mean. Thanks - Margy
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Plant marigolds. The roots excrete a substance that's supposed to kill at least some types of nematodes. Turn the plants under in the fall. If you plant more marigolds there next year, it's supposed to increase the effect of the previous year's plantings. (So to continually plant marigolds there year after year will have a continually increasing, detrimental effect on the creatures.) I picked up this tip from a book on companion planting, and it sounds like there has been a lot of research done that backs up this effect. Good luck!
The great thing about gardening is that you always get a chance to start over!
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Thanks - I tried to find some Marigolds in the store this year, but no luck. I'll try starting some from seed.

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