Blackspot on roses
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In your July/august 2006 issue of your magazine. Notes from the test garden.

5 do-it yourself fungus fighters. The number 4 calls for cornmeal to be used on the ground around the roses. Do I use the regular cornmeal of the self-rising cornmeal. I am already using the baking soda, liquid detergent and water combo it really worked goo. now I was wondering if I use the cornmeal would it be a better defense against the fungi along with the baking soda remedy.

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Use regular cornmeal. Self-rising cornmeal has salt and leavening added which your plants don't need. I hope that helps.
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Roses love a thick bark mulch, heavy organic fish and kelp fertilization as well as compost and compost teas. My beds are all maintained this way some for over fifty years under permanent mulch. The only time I move my soil is when I plant a new plant.

There are new roses out there that really are easy grows with minimal care. They are "The Knockout Family" developed by William Radler an indepent breeder from Greenfield, Wisconson. This group of roses have become the number one sellers because of their easy care nature. They are distributed by the hundreds of Conrad-Pyle Company retail outlets nationwide.

My opinion is work with what you have. Look into roses known to resist the fungi troubles.
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My most disease-resistant rose is "Morden Centennial," which, I believe, is a Canadian Explorer selection. The foliage always looks good and the plant seems to be drought-tolerant. Another one that is relatively disease-free is "Betty Prior." No one wants to spend hours each week trying to keep susceptible roses healthy. I have been sending roses to the composter over the last few years and replacing with more resistant varieties. My latest find is "Winter Sunset." Not sure of the origin but the blooms are gorgeous and the foliage is healthy.
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