disgusting post on Harry Lauders walking stick,
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Could we please get rid of the disgusting posting on the reply to harry lauders walking stick post?
Thank you!!!!!!!!!
Warm regards,
  Re: disgusting post on Harry Lauders walking stick, by wisconsingal (Could we please get ...)
Sherri works at that but this person posts faster than she can eliminate. If one of those posts is there more than a couple of days click on the "contact us" link at the bottom, left of the page to notify her.
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  Re: Re: disgusting post on Harry Lauders walking stick, by KimmSr (Sherri works at that...)
Sherri and I do try to check the boards at least once or twice a day each. However, Sherri's been on vacation this last week, and I've had young children home on their Christmas vacation from school. Since I do this work from home, I've had difficulty keeping on top of things too. Add to that that yesterday the sex spammers seemed to have waged a full-scale assault on this site (I deleted over 20 spams in one sitting alone!), and, well, you saw the highly untasteful result. Please try to bear with us for the next few days, and we should see things getting back to normal shortly. But, as KimmSr said, if you do ever see a questionable posting up for more than a couple of days, please let us know!

Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good garden!
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