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What is the best way to kill a section of grass to turn it into a flower bed? My husband said there's some sort of roofing material that I can use the smother it and it will take just a few days. I am trying to avoid all the manual labor of digging it up.


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One way I do it is to cut the grass as short as possible,then lay a layer of wet newspaper down.wetting the paper can be done before you lay it or after.I wet it down after I lay it down one piece at time.Openning the paper up up so that the middle is openned, I lay it down at least 2 papers thick,do not use the gloss inserts ,the paper will not absorb the water,and it will not decompose.Then haul in black dirt,or compost.2x's the depth of what you will plant,wait two weeks for the dirt to settle.Add more dirt depends how much it settled,plant your plants and add mulch.
another way is to use black plastic,this will not sun in and in about 2 weeks the grass will smother,then turn the dead grass over with a spade or till the area,then add compost and plant.YOu can also use a herbacide,but I do not like using chemmicals.I hope this helps,happy planting

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