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My Oak Tree starts to make its leafes in the Spring and by May the leafes curl up and have brown spots. What causes this? Has anyone had the same problem? Is it a desease or maybe not enough water? I leave in Albuquerque and we had very little moisture this winter.

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What kind of oak do you have?
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The main oak disease that I know of (and I'm not anything close to an expert) is oak wilt. Here's a link to the USDA Forest Service site on it: http://www.na.fs.fed.us/spfo/pubs/fidls/...akwilt.htm or ask about it at your local nursery. IF it is oak wilt, then there is no cure for the tree, and the best you can try to do is to prevent the spread of the disease to other oak trees nearby. The USDA site doesn't seem to indicate that the disease is in New Mexico yet, but it is in Texas, and I'm not sure how long ago the site was last updated. It does have some good photos of leaves that are infected with oak wilt, so that may help you make a diagnosis also. And, as I said, if the website doesn't help, then definitely go ask your local nursery folk. They'll be the most up to date on tree diseases in your area.
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Talk with the people at your local office of the New Mexico State University USDA Cooperative Extension Service about this and if necessary take a sample of a leaf, sealed in a plastic bag, in to them for proper diagnoses,
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