The Beauty of Formal Garden Design
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If you do want to somehow include this in your formal garden design, you should keep in mind that doing so requires lack of complaint and a steady hand when cutting.
For a basic topiary design to add to your formal garden, try using techniques to coax smooth curves in your hedges, helping the shape of your garden to flow. Or, if you still have something that's got a lot of right angles and corners, start growing shapes at the corners to add decoration; think of the ornaments you see at the corners on fancy staircases and molding in structural Garden design.
By incorporating topiary into your formal garden design, you can take basic lines and create art, all adding up to a good-looking, green space in your home.
If you are looking for more info then consider the following:

1) The Bookstore - there are books on every topic, and they are typically more complete than the internet

2) Search Engines - Don't forget your search engines

3) Local stores - employees at specialty stores can be very helpful

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