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In the Aug. 2008 issue, pages 6&7, there is a photo of a garden with several plants highlighted. On the extreme left, beside the coral bells and behind the sedum, there is a plant that I would dearly love you to identify for me. I have it in my garden...originally transplanted from my Mom's beautiful flower gardens years ago. I thought I had lost it, but a few years after she passed on, it suddenly reappeared in quite a few places. (light green smooth leaves, beautiful small pink flowers followed by lt. brown seed heads that look like little fingers. Is it an annual that self-seeds, or a perrennial? I don't want to loose it again! Can you help? Thanks so much. :-)
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I think what you have is called German Catch-fly. My mom has some in her beds too. From what I can see in the picture in the magazine and your description about the seed pods looking like fingers, I think that's what they are. The real test is if you touch the stems and they feel sticky, that's what you've got. That's why there're called catch-fly, supposedly bugs will land on them and get stuck. I have never seen a bunch of bugs stuck on mom's, but you get the idea!! They are actually a perrennial that re-seeds itself, so if you have some in one area, they could actually end up here, there and everywhere as long as the seeds are falling on the ground. I can't give you any real botanical name or anything, my mom got hers from a very dear friend who passed away some years back at the ripe old age of 88, but that's what she called them. I hope this helps....enjoy the day!!!!!

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