Rhododendrun leaves curling up and turning brown
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I have 2 rhododendrun plants (one in a pot and one in a flower bed). Both have leaves that are curled up, turning brown and falling off. I have kept them watered and have even given them rhododendrun food but nothing seems to help. Can these plants be saved? What am I doing wrong and is there anything I can do that would be right? [color:purple] [/color] :confused:
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where is the planted one places and where is the one in the flower bed, if they are receiving to much sunlight, they curl up, to make sure they don't curling up to often, is to keep them waters, never let the soil around it dry out,
use a soaker hose, and water before the sun comeout in the mourning
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Rhododendron leaves change with the temperatures according to how cold or hot it gets. When the leaves curl up, this is a natural response of this plant as a method of preventing loss of moisture through the leaves. The leaves will curl in extreme cold such as 35 degrees and they will do the same for hotter temperatures to protect themselves from drying out. When the temperature is agreeable with the plant, the leaves open again. Try spraying the leaves with anti-transpirants and mulching around the plant after the ground has frozen for winter protection.

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