torch lily/ kniphofia
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I have read that torch lillies can bloom for up to 10 weeks, but mine only go for about 2 weeks. I have a tremendous hedge of them, and wonder if I need to separate them, or possibly feed them? This year, out of approx.
40 plants, I got about a dozen blooms. What can I do to encourage a spectacular showing next year?
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i would suggest you seperate them so they have more space to grow. Also, you would be able to plant them seomwhere else, and for the blooming situation, feed them every other week
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I would assume that they are in full sun, right? How old are the plants? They may need dividing. Torch lillies need room, as they spread from 3-4 feet and if they are crammed together you may end up with crown rot (especially if you are in a zone with wet winters). Deadheading is also crucial to encourage continuous blooming within their bloom period. Also, after dividing, you may find blooms take a year or two before they become abundant. Good luck.
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The plants are in a mostly sunny area. I planted them about 4-5 years ago, so they are probally due for dividing.
Thanks for the advice!

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