poison ivy gahhh help!!
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i have a poison ivy infestation. there are 2 locations that they are growing in. I live on a flat but on the back yard of my house, there is a hill, and there is creeping pions ivy there. there is also a poison ivy vine climbing along my fence privacy for my neighbor and I. I do have children, so i am in need of help getting rid of it. I have tried useing the commercial pesticide, yet they do no work.

!!!!!help me, i have already gotten a rash Confusedhocked: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :confused: :confused: [color:yellow] [/color] HELPPPP
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This may be hard to explain, but here goes: I had alot of poison ivy also. This is what I do. Wear latex gloves, cut main vine 6" from the ground, put a drop or 2 of RoundUp(straight from jug) on the stem. Be very careful removing the rest of the vine. Sometimes I leave the vine there for several days, it will die. The stem with roundup on it will take the poison to the roots & all will die. When I sprayed the vine it only died for a while. Putting roundup directly on the vine seems to do the trick. I always put the dead vine in a plastic bag, tied it & trashed it. Just be very careful. Good luck, Happy Gardening, StanetteTN6

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