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Hello - I'm new here! I'm wondering if I can get some advice - in a Garden Gate magazine given to me by my mom (Can not find date - spring 08 maybe? Hostas on the cover, butterfly on the back) there is a "Before and After: Butterflies Welcome" garden plan on pages 10-11. I'm trying to determine if any of these plants should go in in the fall or do I wait til spring? I'm in Zone 5 on Lake Erie in Ohio. Winters can be nasty. And advice would be appreciated! Thanks...
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Hi New,

I'm new to Iowa, also zone 5. I've been advised that you can plant in the fall, up to six weeks before the ground freezes. The only thing I've read to contradict this is for Buck hardy roses. I've read that those need to be in the ground by June in order to be hardy over the winter.

How does your garden grow
With silverbells and cockleshells and pretty maids all in a row.
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If planting any coralbells, make sure you mulch them heavily in late fall to prevent the roots from freezing. They have very shallow root systems and will not tolerate the cold very well. Grasses, shrubs and most hardy perennials will fair well(except some roses and most hosta) when planted in fall. I'm starting a new bed on the side of my house this week and plan to have most everything in place for next spring. Good luck in your butterfly garden!!

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