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Has anyone tried a worm farm? I made an inexpensive one out of Rubbermaid Totes. The worm castings and juice that drop to the bottom tote I used to make a "WORM TEA" solution. Last Summer I watered all my pots and some perennials. All of the plants flourished. Last Fall I decided to bring the worm farm inside for the Winter(I am in Wisconsin)and keep it in my basement. So far I have bottled 7 liters of RICH, DARK WORM JUICE. I have been using it to water my indoor plants. I will filter some of it through cheesecloth and then use my hose end fertilizer sprayer and spray the whole garden with worm tea. Have any of you done this? Could you please let me know if it really is a good "ORGANIC" AND "GREEN" way of fertilizing the garden? THANK YOU...This forum is new to me and I hope I am doing it correctly.

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