Butterfly bush and marshy area
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Just walked the garden today to see what's survived our Midwest winter, and see that my butterfly bushes all seem to be dead; no signs of coming back to life. :mad: They did great when they were planted last summer. Any idea?

Also, have an area that is marshy and little will survive except Joe Pye weed, some irises, and willows. Everything else seems to have not wintered over ( including cardinal plant, etc.) Everything has been pushed up out of the ground and gets rotten. Again, any suggestions?
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Don't despair on the butterfly bushes! I planted one a couple years ago, and it seems to break dormancy much later than my other plants. I'm in central Zone 4, and I don't recall it sending out new growth until mid- to late May. So watch, wait, and be patient! What you can do at this time with the butterfly bush is to cut it back to about 8" if you didn't already do that last fall (it's recommended that this pruning wait until spring).

As for your marshy area, it sounds like you have big problems with spring soil heaving. Adding a deep layer of mulch in the fall may help prevent/lessen that problem. Some other plants to try in the area are: blazingstar (Liatris species), lobelia, bergamot (Monarda fistulosa), some goldenrod (Solidago) and coneflower/black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia) species (check the plant tags or ask your nursery personnel), ironweed (Vernonia species), Culver's root (Veronicastrum virginicum) and golden Alexanders (Zizia aurea). These are all mid-Western natives that thrive in moist soil.
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I also have a marsh/wetland area in zone 4/5, sun to part shade. The first thing to bloom are my Marsh Marigolds, BEAUTIFUL flower and foliage. Yellow Flag Iris, Blue Flag Iris, Sensitive Fern, Circle Flower (Yellow Loosestrife), Firecracker Loosestrife (pretty burgundy foliage and dainty yellow flowers), Lady Fern, Asters, Great Blue Lobelia, Ligularias, Primrose, Trollius, Siberian Iris, Cupplant, Culversroot, Fleece Flower and Turtlehead. Last Fall I planted varigated Japanese Water Iris, I hope it comes back. Deep purple flower and the foliage is so striking. Have fun and THINK SPRING!
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Wish I had a wet area. I love moisture loving plants, but have very fast draining soil. Not enough time to create a bog garden now, but some day. Good luck this year
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