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First Post & question - I have 2, 5 foot window boxes on a deck rail that get Full Full sun. Last year I simply had petunias. They were lots of work with little pleasure. I am looking for lots of colors. I also have 3 other 3 foot boxes on another deck. Ful sun
Thanks for the help
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I assume that 'lots of work' means lots of watering and deadheading? Here are some annuals that can tolerate drier conditions (deadheading once or twice a week will still be necessary for most of them):

Ageratum - can wait until most of them are fading and then shear back the whole thing, rather than onesie-twosie deadheading. Blue, purple, pink and white.

Calendula/pot marigold - do well in the cooler conditions of spring and summer. Either replace them when the hot weather arrives, or make sure other stuff in the planter can take over until the cooler weather returns. Deadheading encourages continuous blooming. Yellow, gold, orange, cream.

Vinca - wilt resistant, doesn't need deadheading. Pink, purple, white.

Dianthus (Pinks, carnations, sweet William) - Deadheading prolongs bloom. Scented. Many colors and bicolors.

Gaillardia (annual blanket flower) - May bloom until frost with deadheading. Good for cut flowers. Red, orange, yellow.

Gomphrena (globe amaranth) - Good for cutting & drying. No special maintenance. Many colors.

Helichrysum (strawflower) - Good for cutting & drying. No special maintenance. Many colors.

Limonium (annual statice) - Good for cutting & drying. No special maintenance. Many colors.

Portulaca (moss rose) - only 6" tall with a spreading habit, so will drape over container edges. Flowers close in the late afternoon and on overcast days. Many colors.

Marigolds - Deadheading prolongs bloom. Aroma may repel many insects. Red, orange, yellow, white, bicolors.

Zinnia - Deadhead to extend bloom. A good cut flower. Warm colors, plus green and white.

Have fun choosing!
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