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I SOLVED my deer problem. Really, I did!!! We back up to a county park which of course means many deer, so I am not talking about only a few. My 1-acre backyard, which is planted with at least 100 hostas in addition to other delicacies that the deer love, became the favorite lunch buffet for many of the deer that found their way to our yard. While our Scotties were still alive, we never had a problem in our fenced yard (which could be a first choice as a deterrent maybe--doggie smells???), but now that they've gone on to doggie heaven, I have had nary a hosta past the month of June. Because we have a pool in the yard, we do have a fence, but several years ago we extended the 4-foot see-through wire fence to 8-feet high, using metal posts attached to each existing fence post, and stringing across three wires spaced 2-3 feet apart. We thought this alone would keep the deer out, but they only jumped over. Then I remembered the aluminum pie plate scenario of years' past (plates hung together to glisten in the sun and make noise to keep birds away). I thought that using something similar could possibly keep the deer out. To simulate the aluminum pie plates, I found a metallic "table skirt" in the Mardi Gras section of a Party Store, cut it into strips, and tied it to the different levels of the wire fence. These streamers move with the smallest of breezes, and both the sun and moon (and any nearby light)cause a glistening that for some reason do keep the deer out of the yard. Granted, the "festiveness" of this remedy does not affect our neighbors since it is only surrounding the backyard that we do this and we have woods that separate our yards, so for some manicured neighborhoods, this may not go over very well, but IT DOES WORK!!!! Maybe others could expound on the idea to fit their own needs. Good luck!

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