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Rabbits are eating my petunias, marigolds and vinca. Any suggestions for flowers rabbits will not eat.
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Try sweet peas, poppies, foxgloves, delphinium/larkspur, columbine, hellebores, lupines, datura, nicotiana/tobacco plant, morning glories, lobelia, anemone, asclepias/milkweed, clematis, euphorbia/spurge, lantana, flax, malva/musk mallow, primula, soapwort, or sedum. These are all plants that are mildly to highly toxic to humans if eaten. I'm assuming they'd have the same effects on the rabbits, so the bunnies are more likely to leave them alone.

Also, you could spray the plants with a rabbit-deterrent spray from the garden center (probably one based on predator urine), or get some dog hair from a friend and spread that through your plants/pots. A deer spray I make at home is to mix 1/2 cup milk with 1 beaten egg, add 1 tablespoon dish soap, 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, and any additional amounts of hot sauce/cayenne pepper/etc. if you'd like. Add enough water to make 1 gallon. Let it sit for a few days to ferment, then pour it into a spray bottle to spray it on your plants. You'll need to respray every couple of weeks or after a heavy rain. Good luck!
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Better Homes and gardens website http://www.bhg.com has a slide show of plants rabbits don't like to eat plus loads of ideas and advice.Your ag extension office likely has a publication for your growing area. My yard suffers loads of rabbit damage: even stuff they don't like they nip the stem and "Timber!" leave the flower stalk lying there. Most store bought perrenials I put a chicken wire cage around until they are mature. The plants unscathed are peonies, yarrow, lilac, dafodils,coneflowers, delphinium, daylillies, hollyhock, perrenial geranium, sedums, vinca, creeping jenny, bee balm, daisies, lambs ears, ladies mantle, liatris, jacob's ladder, coralbells, rudbekia,soap wort. It's disheartening I know but keep trying, you'll find what works!
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have you tried garlic i am going to try that i had some make my garden a home.
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Sweet Alyssum, ageratum, lantana, cleome, pot marigold,...
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