Growing plants near ornamental cherry tree
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I have an ornamental cherry tree (I inherited it when we bought the home) weeping style, pink flowers. I have made 3 raised beds near it, one not quite under it but pretty close and nothing grows quite right in the first 2 beds. Does anyone know anything if cherry trees hinder growth of other plants? The farthest bed does well and in the second one the veggies are kind of stunted and the one closest has a really hard time. Any info of experiences or knowledge would be much appreciated.
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They like moist growing places and should be irrigated in times of drought. They also like fertilizing. The recommended distance between trees is at least 10 feet.

I think your assumption about the tree hindering the competition is probably correct. To plant under a tree or pretty close can be a doomed task unless it is a tree with deep roots that won't disturb the plants. Besides robbing the plantings of light, many trees would send up shallow roots to take in the goodies in the raised beds. I have planted rambling roses close to apple trees but I put an underground barrier between the tree and rose. I did the same when I planted a hydrangea petiolaris by an old oak.

Try this link and see if you can find your tree.

Hope this helps. :ooo:

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