flowering crab didn't bloom
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We've always had flowering crab trees in our yard in Maine and never treated them any differently than other trees. After moving to a new home our crabtree bloomed in the spring following it's first winter. Last spring, however, only one branch bloomed. We've never seen that happen, and two local nurseries had no answers. The tree appears healthy in every other way. How to prevent a repeat next spring?
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Did you transfer the tree from your other garden to the new house?

If so, then the "operation" of moving it has cost you the bloom since it has to set new roots like any plant.

If the tree was in the garden when you moved to the new house I'm not sure I can help you with your question.

I think it is not very encouraging when someone posts a question and no one makes an effort to answer. That doesn't keep the forum going!
Have a good day!

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