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Last year four of our five hydrangea bushes had no flowers and the fifth bush had only one bloom. I did not cut back the hydrangeas in the spring. They are in full sun from early morning to mid-afternoon. I fertlized with Oscomote (sp?) They are located in a bed with 1 and 3/4 stone and the stone is pulled back from the base of each plant.

Can you help me to get these plants to rebloom for this coming growing season. We are located in western Michigan along the lakeshore of Lake Michigan.

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Some hydrangea bloom on old wood, some on new, and some on both. If your bushes bloom on old wood only, then your lack of flowers could have been caused by: pruning too late in the fall, deer browsing over the winter, or our colder-than-average spring last year zapped the emerging flower buds. If your bushes instead flower on new wood, then I'd watch for deer browsing in the spring/early summer or damage from some other animal/insect. I haven't heard of any diseases typical of hydrangeas that would cause this, but I'm not a hydrangea expert.

Your best bet is probably a wait-and-see approach. Hope for better weather this spring, and, if you notice any signs of deer browsing over the winter, then cover the bushes with burlap. Also, find out whether you plants bloom on old or new wood to make sure you're pruning them at the correct time. Good luck!
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I just read your post about hydrangeas. I'm having the same problem. My hydrangeas die back in winter and come up in the spring but they have yet to form buds. I'm also zone 4 in WI.

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