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I'm planning to have a garden but the problem is, our neighbor have cows and they might be eating my vegetables. What I'm going to do?
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Do you have a fence? If not, then I think you should put something to protect your vegetables and to make sure animals stay away from your garden. Probably a fence around the vegetables will do that. Another thing you can do is to ask your neighbors not to let their cows stray in your yard because you have planted vegetables there.

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Yes, cows can be very destructive to a garden. I live in Dairyland U.S.A., and it seems like every spring, usually the day after I've turned over my soil and put in the new annuals, the neighbor's cows get out and trample over everything! They don't seem to eat my new plantings (the nearby grass is more to their taste), but they leave 6" deep holes behind them as they walk across the garden (sometimes leaving a new plant squashed in the bottom of the hole), and fresh cow pies smother everything. Blech!
The great thing about gardening is that you always get a chance to start over!
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Put up a fence and get a dog to scare them off!
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You can bind your garden by garden edging; by this you can protect your garden from cows.
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A close friend of mine began gardening a few years ago. I just love it
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The cow tries to eat the vegetables so we can do something that restricts the entry of them. We can create a tight covering or wall around the garden online diamond dealers. The cows are unable to jump large walls so it can protect your vegetables.
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