Attracting wildlife
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Fresh water in birdbaths,food,shelter,nesting&roosting sites.
Agastache,the best,assures hummers,exquisite colors,tough as nails& smells of rootbeer,salvia,penstemon,herbs,monarda,all daisy type blooms,liatris&echinacea provide nectar&seeds,bap-
noticed squirrels eating it,the list is extensive,mostly easy
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Don't forget butterfly weed and milkweed for the Monarch caterpillars! Swamp milkweed is a perennial here in southern Indiana but I have to plant the tropical milkweed (bloodflowers) every year. My neighbors would probably rebel if I dared introduce regular milkweed.

Next year I will add dill, fennel, and more parsley in hopes of providing a nursery for Swallowtail caterpillars.

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or NOT attracting wildlife. I love the birds, even though the jays keep planting oak tree, but I am finding that we are overrun by squirrels and they get to my cherries before I do. Suggestions?
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I've been using the nylon nets like those used for frozen turkey. I line the inside of an empty container, like an oatmeal cylinder or milk carton, with the net and fill it with sunflower seeds. Seal the top by folding it a few times, and weaving a piece of wire or something to hold it closed. *I use old metal shower curtain hooks* If you're hanging it in an area that is frequently rained on, fashion a "roof" from a plastic lid of something like a coffee canister. Great for smaller birds~the big, 'piggy' grackles aren't 'clingers' and won't take it over.
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Wildlife, including deer, rabbits, moles and other animals, often cause huge headaches for gardeners.
Research the particular wildlife pest that is threatening your garden. Protection from wildlife is easier if you know the particular habits and dislikes of potential pests.
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You know, this so-called "wildlife" doesn't suit everybody. I am a Taurus and I love the comfort and all the conveniences of our modern life. I am quite stubborn and self-consistent as they say on and I really agree with this statement.

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