Recommended Source for Bare Root Perennials?
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Hello! Can anyone recommend some good sources for bare root perennial plants?

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Check with your local dedicated nursery (not a big box store nursery). Bare root plants will usually only be available in the spring, so you can ask around now to prepare for purchases next year. I've received bare root stock from Jung's ( and Prairie Moon Nursery ( with good results. They are both Midwestern companies with stores, catalogs and online sites. If you get root stock that was grown in your region, it may have a better ability to adapt to your site than something that was grown on the other side of the country. This is especially true of native perennials. If you do a web search to find a provider of a specific plant, just be sure to also check up on the seller to make sure they are reputable. A web search of the seller's name could turn up any potential problems. This is why I like working with a local store. I can use their catalog/website in the winter to plan my purchases, but then go into their store in the spring to pick up the product.
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Bare root seedlings available from the number of sources during winter period. And have a large way to obtain a larger number of plants at reasonable price.
Bare root season is limited. Most purchasers place their orders in the fall for spring.

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