Pruning Lilacs
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I remember reading somewhere about pruning lilacs. I think that article said you should prune 1/3 to the ground the first year, 1/3 the second year, & 1/3 the next year. The article might have been in "Garden Gate". Can anyone help my memory? Thanx for any help!
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That is if you need to rejuvenate older, mature lilac bushes (the ones where the only blooms are 15' up!). For younger bushes, usually only trimming away the flower trusses after they've finished blooming is all that's necessary. You can do a Google search on "pruning lilacs" to get more information.
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I just read in the ggm this afternoon. It says to prune lilac to need to prune at least a thrid of the old stems and trim the side branches for the next flowering season.
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I guess it would depend on the type of lilac you have. I have a hedge row of old-fashioned lilac (not the hybrids), and I never prune these back 1/3. I do cut flowers to bring in the house and cut out the previous year's seed pods in the spring, but that's it. They are more and more beautiful every year. On the other hand, I have a Josee Reblooming lilac that MUST have the flower stems removed after they have wilted. I also keep it trimmed to a nice shape at 4' tall, but since it is a dwarf lilac it won't get much taller than that anyway.

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