Clay Pot Project
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About two weeks ago I was browsing through my Garden Gate magazines and I saw a project for clay pots. You were to build a base (out of wood?), secure a dowel (?) in the center, and stack clay pots to the top of the dowel. You could then put a plant in each pot for a beautiful raised display.

I have spent the last two days searching for this article to no avail. I have used the online index, I have looked at numerous magazines going back to the articles I had been researching two weeks ago and I just cannot find it!

I have been a subscriber to Garden Gate since the first issue, so I have a lot of magazines to look through! Does anyone remember this project? If so, please let me know!

Thank you! Thank you!
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There's an old thread in the General Discussion section that may be what you're looking for. Try this link:

Whimsical container May/June 2008 issue
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Like you, last night I was going through my back issues of GG magazine and saw a container display I'd like to copy this Spring. Unless I take the magazine with me when I got to purcahse the flowers or make a copy of it on a xerox there a way that you can pull up a specific photo from a certain issue?

It was seen in June 2009 Issue#87 on page 30/ picture with the red geraniums, lantana and licorice plant.

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