The Week 5 challenges at Fortnite items
If you go to check the Week 5 challenges at Fortnite items at this time, all you see is a little message that states"unlocks in 0
minutes" with seven empty spots below it, just like for any weeks to which the challenges have yet to unlock. It has been like
that since 4:00 a.m.. At the time of this writing, that signifies the challenges have been stuck in this limbo for nearly an hour.

There doesn't appear to be anything else wrong with the match: I loaded up a game and fell in no issue.

First off, it's important to not fear: matches are large, unwieldy beasts, and odd things can happen for a variety of reasons. But
in this particular instance, things have appeared strange since yesterday. Epic usually declares the new upgrade daily until it
goes live, if that update will require downtime or never. Epic's competitive content schedule means that's occurred every week for
quite a while now, but we did not hear anything yesterday. What seemed like an oversight today seems somehow linked to whatever is
the reason for the Week 5 challenges to hang seconds.

Again, this sort of thing is far from unheard of at  fortnite weapons games-as-service: weekly content updates are a large job for any developer,
and it is not shocking that there could be the occasional hiccup from a programmer with Epic's technical proficiency. The eyes of
the world are on Fortnite at the moment, however: it's the current trend, and that includes a level of scrutiny. We've contacted
the programmer for comment and will update with any new details.

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