Rocket League is a success for its creators in Psyonix
Rocket League Rumble is a new game mode completely free for all users of Rocket League, the soccer game with cars developed by Psyonix. Rocket League Rumble will allow us to participate in epic battles full of powers for our vehicles that will appear randomly on the field of play; while we keep trying to score goals in the rival goal. Rocket League is one of the indie games that has had the most arrival 2015 and continues with a loyal fanatic today. With more than 19 million unique users through its versions of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, there is no doubt that Rocket League is a success for its creators in Psyonix.

During the final of the Rocket League Championship Series in Hollywood, California. Psyonix showed the trailer of the new game mode. Whether you equip the Haymaker (a spring glove that hits the ball) the Swapper (which exchanges your place with that of an opponent) or the Tornado (which you must see to believe) each of the 11 new powers brings an extra dimension to the classic Rocket League formula. To keep all the fans happy, just like the Hoops and Mutator modes, Rocket League Trading will appear completely free in a new game update.

Micropayments or microtransactions, as you want to call it, have generated a lot of controversy, because if we already pay for the game, why do we have to pay for options or items in it, of course if the game is free, this is moderately justifiable, the case is that Rocket League, the popular soccer game with cars, will also have micropayments, knowing well of its strong popularity.

Current game as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, ie pay, have in the micropayments, and we have an example to this game, because in Rocket League there will be a similar system, offering a system of boxes and keys, offering maps and skins for cars However, this does not mean that we have an advantage if we pay more, say better vehicles or Rocket League Items that help players.

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