Ultrafine Mill Technology Advantages
Ultrafine mill adopts advanced structure of similar products abroad, and is updated and improved on the basis of large-scale ultrafine mill. XZM Ultrafine Mill adopts five grinding machine technologies, such as trapezoidal working face, flexible connection, and roller linkage boosting, and creates a world-wide high level of ultra-pressure trapezoidal fine grinding equipment.

The roller and ring are innovatively designed. Compared with the ordinary ultrafine mill, the roller and ring are designed as multi-step, which reduces the sliding speed between the ladder roller and the ring, prolongs the rolling time of the material, and improves the fineness and output of the finished product. In terms of product fineness, compared with other mill, ultrafine mill makes clearance adjustment between blade end and shell of separator convenient and fast, and greatly improves the precision of finished product. The grinding roll is compacted tightly on the grinding ring under the action of centrifugal force, so when the grinding roll and the grinding ring are worn to a certain thickness, the output and fineness of the finished product will not be affected. The renewal cycle of rollers and rings is long, thus eliminating the disadvantage of short replacement cycle of vulnerable parts of centrifugal mill. The air flow of the machine is circulated in the fan - grinding shell - cyclone separator - fan, so it has less dust than the high-speed centrifugal mill, and the operation workshop is clean and the environment is pollution-free.

Ultrafine Mill Technology Advantages:

1. Three-dimensional structure, small area, strong set, independent production system from bulk material to finished powder.

2. Fineness of finished powder is uniform and the pass-through screening rate is 99%. This is difficult for other fine powder mills.

3. The main driving device of fine grinding equipment adopts hermetic gearbox and pulley, which has smooth transmission and reliable operation.

4. Important parts are made of high-quality steel, and wear-resistant parts are made of high-performance wear-resistant materials. The machine has high wear resistance and reliable operation.

5. The centralized control is adopted in the electrical system. The mill workshop can basically achieve unattended operation and maintenance is convenient.

6. The equipment has higher efficiency, lower power consumption, smaller floor area and less one-time investment than ball mill.

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