When I combine plants, containers, and flowers in a setting, I try to match one color on each item. Here the green of the pot, the blue of the spruce, and the edge of the hosta all match for a very pleasing combination.

[Image: 100_3522.jpg]

  Matching colors SWMOgardens When I combine plant...
The white in the container, and the white edges of the hosta create a lovely combo.

[Image: 100_4317.jpg]

  Re: Matching colors SWMOgardens The white in the con...
The colors in the Eonymous make the Hosta stand out.

[Image: 100_4256.jpg]

  Re: Matching colors SWMOgardens The colors in the Eo...
Because the June hosta is an offspring of Halcyon, the colors match beautifully.

[Image: 100_3536.jpg]

  Re: Matching colors SWMOgardens Because the June hos...
For an outstanding hosta combination, match the trim color on one to the main color of the other. This is Kiwi gold star (left) and First frost (right).

[Image: 000_1108.jpg]
Matching colors

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