Those $#!* Colorado Potato Beetles
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Last year I was infested somehow with Colorado Potato Beetles. They killed 2 rose bushes, a 3-year old gorgeous Black Knight Butterfly Bush and my Hibiscus that was 2-yrs old! We sprayed what the garden center (not Lowes, or Home Depot) but a real place told us to use, nothing.

I had hoped that the winter would kill the (insert your own explitive) things BUT they are BACK.

Has anyone found a way to get rid of them? Or have any suggestions?

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First lets be sure we are talking about the same thing, a Colorado Potato Beetle
or maybe a Japanese Beetle,
I've not ever found the CPB on any plants other than potatoes, but the JB's do like any other plant that is under stress.
West Central Michigan along the lake shore.

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