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I planted a new asparagus bed this spring and followed all the directions for trenching, fertilizing, etc., however the instructions I followed that were with the plants did indicate that I needed to spread the roots out on a hill in the trench so they are laid flat. I have been reading other information that says this should be done. I have a few coming up but am wondering if I am going to need to replant these (if it is possible), and when I should do it if I have incorrectly planted these. I need some advice.
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Mainly you just want the roots to be spread out fairly evenly. Whether they're flat or angled somewhat downward shouldn't make that big a difference. The plant will be growing new roots anyway! However, you should definitely wait until next year until to do any harvesting, and then harvest very sparingly for the first 3 years. Home grown asparagus is a joy to have. Enjoy yours!
The great thing about gardening is that you always get a chance to start over!
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If you don't harvest, are you supposed to don anything at the end of the season or just let the stalks die off? Does asparagus stalks need any support like stakes to stay up or are the root systems deep and strong enough? I love asparagus and would love to have it in my garden.
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Every year you need to allow a few stalks from each crown to mature. Just let them grow through the summer and die back in the fall naturally. No staking is necessary. They can be quite pretty!
The great thing about gardening is that you always get a chance to start over!
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We all know that asparagus is a perennial plant. To plant it on bed you should put it on a place where not shade other vegetables in a garden. This vegetable requires patience because it took three years before the spears being harvested.

To ensure strong roots development and vigorous foliage after planting.
To encourage production of the spears cut back the top of asparagus foliage to the ground then dig up to remove female plants, which produce fewer and smaller spears.
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I've not grown asparagus myself, but my parents have always had a great crop that they keep expanding. They allow several stalks per asparagus "clump" to mature through the summer, and then burn them to the ground in the late fall.

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