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I love building garden rooms. I now have 7 in my 1/3 acre garden, ALTA BIRDSONG. Here is one...

I use the hostas as a "wall" to define the space

[Image: 100_6798.jpg]

The stairs define the "entry"

[Image: 100_6799.jpg]

I "decorate" the room with designer hosta and miniature Japanese maples, and "focal point" hardscaping.

[Image: 100_6766.jpg]

This hosta is like a living "sculpture" At the entrance to the room.

[Image: 100_6745.jpg]

And of course, you must have a comfortable chair to enjoy your room.

[Image: 100_6873.jpg]
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Christ sought a garden when He prayed.
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It also had a good point designing your garden. The beauty of nature really exist. The true creation and purpose of the nature now revealed in your garden.....

You have a nice thoughts and great thinking.
Nice to see your lovely garden. Your deep interest is reflected here very well.
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Wow that really is a lovely garden. Beautiful range of colours and the design is tranquil.
Really? "WOW" so "BEAUTIFUL!" i am speechless....
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Nice work indeed! Depending on the layout and the space you have available, I could see a small water feature really enhancing this gorgeous room. Keep up the good work!

Happy Gardening!
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Great scaping,looks the colors all blend in.Question What is the focal point from the seating area? Just wondering,if it is a relaxing area, or people watching ?
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Now where am I going to sit my coffee mug when we sit and have hot tea or coffee in one of your beautiful "rooms?" I didn't see a side table..hint! hint!

Have you ever tried growing a hosta in a flower pot/container?
We can't have hostas because of the Bambi and friends visiting unless we want to be out there spraying Liquid Fence every clear day. This is what a neighbor has to do and she has beautiful hostas and has offered me some of hers as they need dividing. So far I have declined her offer but am starting to reconsider and try to grow in a nice pot/container on the patio. It would be easier to spray one container than an entire bed of them as she has.
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